New Belgium Ranger Station

New Belgium is the third-largest craft brewery in the USA. Producer of the beloved Fat Tire ale as well as other brews, New Belgium is also known for their focus on sustainability, active lifestyle and mountain culture. The New Belgium Ranger Station is a flagship bar featuring 10 seasonal beers on tap, great food and aprés-ski in a sun-filled slopeside setting.

Drawing inspiration from national parks and the great outdoors, Reunion Goods & Services collaborated with Scout Regalia on the interior design and were also responsible for the identity and branding.

From merit badges and custom flags to the a-frame bar and hand-painted signage, Reunion approached this project holistically to create an immersive experience for its patrons.

  • Location

    Snowmass, Colorado
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  • Goods and Services

    Interior design

    Idenity / branding

    Menu / collateral

    Website design

The custom built furniture at Ranger Station comes equipped with cubbies, hooks and other places for patrons to stow their gear. Special Ranger Station stools, tables and hooks were designed by Scout Regalia specifically for this project.

The Ranger Station’s mountainscape wainscot is constructed from beetlekill pine. The use of this discolored lumber was intended to both call attention to the blight of Colorado’s pine caused by an invasive beetle, as well as to recycle this (commonly considered unusable) material in an artful way.


Reunion’s three-dimensional approach to the branding included ways to engage New Belgium’s enthusiasts in new ways. In addition to a branded shirts and hats, Reunion also designed a Souvenir Fieldbook for taking notes and collecting the stamps of the varied beers tasted and enjoyed. A system of merit badges were also developed to award visitors for Ranger Station achievements